Carina Shoshtary’s jewelry can be characterized as emotional, imaginative and innovative. Shoshtary describes herself as a kind of modern hunter- gatherer as she finds the materials for her artworks in her immediate surroundings. Her choice of materials is often unusual: colorful graffiti from heavily sprayed walls, old bobbin laces found in a cellar, the plastic nets of shower sponges. All her materials have had a previous life, a former use and meaning. With scientific curiosity and sensitive intuition, Shoshtary reveals the potential of these materials.

In Vogue Italia, Paola Aurucci, responds to Shoshtary’s propensity for narrative ‘They are alien jewels in a world that is somewhere between the real and the imaginary, able to make us reflect on the strange journey objects take, inanimate objects with a lot of sentimental value, able to tell us a story, bring up emotions and especially able to unlock memories.‘

Sienna Patti for the solo show In The Beginning There Was Red in Sienna Gallery



2006-2012 Academy of Fine Arts Munich (DE): Jewellery Department, Prof. Otto Künzli, Master Student
2001-2004 State College for Glass and Jewellery, Neugablonz (DE): Apprenticeship- Goldsmith


2019 Contained Worlds | Presented by the Juliane Noack Foundation, Radierverein, Munich (DE)
Karma Chroma | Bini Gallery, Melbourne (AU)
2018 Point of Equilibrium | with Attai Chen, Galerie Ra (NL)
| with Attai Chen, La Joaillerie par Mazlo, Paris (FR)
Echoes of Order
| with Attai Chen, Atta Gallery, Bangkok (TH)
| with Attai Chen, Froots & Nogart, Shanghai (CN)
In The Beginning There Was Red | Sienna Gallery, Lenox (US)
Microphilia | with Annamaria Leiste, Studio Gierke-Berr, Munich (DE)
“I-Land” Mini Exhibition | Atta Gallery, Bangkok (TH)

Where Blue Hides after Dark | Sienna Gallery, Lenox (US)


2022 Faces | Galerie Handwerk, Munich (DE)
Schmuck 2021 | Online on Klimt02
Kunst Hand Wert | Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, Munich (DE)
Zoom Jewellery Exhibited | Gallery Platina, Stockholm (SE)
Förderpreise der Landeshauptstadt München | Lothringer 13, Munich (DE)
 Transmutation | New York City (US)
Schmuck 2019 | International Trade Fair Munich (DE)
Tranformation 10- Contemporary Works in Found Materials | Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh (US)
Trésor- Contemporary Craft Fair | Basel, Switzerland (CH)
The Octopus Has Three Hearts | Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montréal, Canada (CA)
Touchy Feely | Baltimore Jewelry Center, Baltimore (US)
Fragments | Gallery Four, Gothenburg (SE)
A BARBARIAN, A TITLE, & A MIRACLE | Verein für Originalradierung München, Munich (DE)
Ra Now (40 years Gallery Ra) | Galerie Ra, Amsterdam (NL)
Forget Them | Brooklyn Metal Works, New York (US)
SIX (6 years Atta Gallery) | Atta Gallery, Bangkok (TH)
20/20 | Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, Saltaire (GB)
Shanghai Spring | Froots Gallery, Shanghai (CN)
Art Jewelry Artist Award Finalists | Gallery Platina, Stockholm (SE)

Not Too Precious | National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny (IE)
FOG Design and Art Fair | presented by Sienna Patti, San Francisco (US)
Transmission | Studio 411 Gallerie, Montpellier (FR)
Bubble and Squeak | Amaranto Joies, Barcelona (SP)
Not Too Precious | Ruthin Craft Centre, Denbighshire (GB)
Collect- presented by Rosemarie Jäger | Saatchi Gallery, London (GB)
The Parallel Worlds | Alliages, Lille (FR)
Danner-Preis 2014 | Schloss Johannisburg, Aschaffenburg (DE)
Attai Chen, Jie Sun, Carina Shoshtary | Galerie Ra, Amsterdam (NL)
Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2013 | Cheongju, Republic of Korea (KR)
The Lunatic Swing | Gallery Funaki, Melbourne (AU)
Förderpreise der Landeshauptstadt München | Lothringer 13, Munich (DE)
Helter Skelter | Gallery Rosemarie Jäger, Hochheim (DE)
The Lunatic Swing | Kunstarkaden, Munich (DE)
Oberbayerischer Förderpreis für Angewandte Kunst | Schafhof- Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern, Freising (DE)
BKV Prize for Young Applied Artists | Bavarian State Council, Munich (DE)
International Graduate Show Jewellery 2012 | Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen (NL)
A Flock of Pillars on Parade | Seidlvilla, Munich (DE)
What’s Left of Krypton | Graduate Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Munich (DE)
Danner-Preis 2011 | Villa Stuck, Munich (DE)
Materials Revisited- 10.Triennale für Form und Inhalte | Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt (DE)
True Colours- New Traditional Jewellery | Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam (NL), also shown at Villa Bengel, Idar Oberstein (DE) and Museum of Art, Arnhem (NL)
Copy and Paste- The Power of Copying | Xuzhou Museum of Art, Xuzhou (CN)
My Suitcase is My Oyster | Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (DE)
Talente | Internationale Handwerksmesse, Munich (DE)
BKV Prize for Young Applied Artists | Bavarian State Council, Munich (DE)
Emu twist again: News from the Inback | Gallery Funaki, Melbourne (AU)
The Fat Booty of Madness | Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (DE)
Siamo Qui- We are Here | Le Pagliere di Porta Romana, Florence (IT)


Förderpreise der Landeshauptstadt München | Munich (DE)
La Monachia– design of a jewellery piece for the Munich economy prize for women, Munich (DE)
Project Grant for Fine Arts, Munich (DE)
Artist in Residence at Konstepidemien, Gothenburg (SE)
Art Jewelry Forum Artist Award (Finalist) | AJF, Mill Valley (US)
Exhibition scholarship | Förderverein zum Aufbau einer Juliane Noack Künstlerförderung, Halle (DE)
Art Jewelry Forum Artist Award (Finalist) | AJF, Mill Valley (US)
Bavarian State Prize for Emerging Designers | Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Verkehr und Technologie, Munich (DE)
Oberbayerischer Förderpreis für Angewandte Kunst 2012, Munich (DE)


Museum of Arts and Design as part of the Porter-Price Collection, New York (US)
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal (CA)
Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston (US)
Victoria and Albert Museum, London (GB)
The Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg (SE)
Rotasa Foundation, Mill Valley, CA (US)
The International Design Museum Munich (DE)



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